Yogyakarta Travel Tips

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Yogyakarta Travel Tips

Yogyakarta is the center of the Yogyakarta Special Region in Central Java, Indonesia. If you want to spend your holiday in this city many things can do in this city. There are so many places that you can do here. Spellbound by the beautiful Prambanan Temple, find the secrets of Sewu Temple, and shop at Jalan Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo.
In addition, here you also can learn about the history of the city. It is the special things in Yogyakarta, the administration of this city is semi-kingdom. Although the highest administration is President, they still respect their King. Also, you can visit the King palace, because it is opened for the visitors.

Gudeg, the most famous food in Yogyakarta

Besides that agenda that you can do in this city, you must try the traditional food in this city. Gudeg is one of the best food in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. Gudeg is the most famous food in Yogyakarta, even making it a moniker City of Gudeg. This unique Indonesian food is cooking made from young jackfruit (nangka) with palm sugar, coconut milk, meat, garlic, and spices. The special taste is from the slow melding of flavors and textures to the right perfection.

Ramayana Ballet

If you enjoy culture or just want an evening with a difference then I’d really recommend attending the performance of Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple. The dancers, music, and atmosphere make for a really special evening. Based on an epic Hindu history, the story of model king Rama was adapted to become an important local dance, encompassing the Javanese style, culture, and music. Whilst the story originated in India, the Javanese version is truly representative of the local art and culture. 

Yogyakarta Travel Tips​

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