Weather in Mount Bromo

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Weather in Mount Bromo, East Java. There is no winter in Indonesia. Indonesia just has two seasons, they are the dry and wet season. The average temperature is usually about 27 degrees Celcius. But we are telling you about Mt Bromo here. If you are planning to see the sunrise, the weather up there can be as low as 0 degrees Celcius. I suggest that you must wear a thick jacket. It is most comfortable if you wear a thick jacket if you want to see the sunrise.

The perfect time to visit Mount Bromo

Weather in Mount Bromo during June and August is the best time because there is not the rainy season, but it is less rain, so many tourists that come to visit Mount Bromo. August is the perfect one of the time to visit Mount Bromo. Because this month, there is Kasada Ceremony is held by the Tenggerese people. On this month Tenggerese people hold their trades surrounding Mount Bromo, exactly in the crater of the Bromo.

But, it is talked before, that Indonesia just has two weather, rain and shine. So, anytime is a good time to visit Mt Bromo. It only checks the local weather, so you can see the sky when you in the top of Mount Bromo and when you see the beautiful sunrise clearly. Mt Bromo will provide you the beautiful scenery, about the people, the sky and it is the most important the beautiful sunrise.

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