Mount Bromo Sunrise, East Java, Indonesia

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Most of the domestic and foreign tourists visit Mt. Bromo for curious to know the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise. There are so many extracted places around Mt. Bromo to see the beautiful sunrise. Some of them pick to stay in the nearest hotel in the order they can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Bromo.

Mount Pananjakan, the best viewpoint Sunrise of Mount Bromo

Mt. Bromo is the perfect tourist place to enjoy the sunrise in East Java Province, Indonesia. It is about 2,329 meters above the sea. This mount surrounded by 5,250 hectares of the sea of sand and High Mountain. Mt. Bromo is not the highest top of volcanoes in Java, but it is known enough in the local and foreign visitors. It is one of the destinations for tourists to spend their holiday. In Mount Bromo, there many interesting places to admire sunrise: it is like Love Hill, Kingkong Hill, Mentigen Hill, and Seruni Point. But, actually there is the best place to admire the Mount Bromo sunrise, it is Mount Pananjakan. It is the best spot you can see the beautiful sunrise.

According to the visitors, they visit Mount Bromo not only to admire the Mount Bromo sunrise. But they also admire the Mount Bromo sunset. Most of them have been planning what they can do in Bromo Mountain, almost of them visit Bromo to take their honeymoon to enjoy the sunrise and sunset of Mount Bromo.

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