Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour

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Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Mount Ijen is the ring of the mount that is still active now. It located in the frontier between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Ijen has a unique thing, it has caldera with 5.466 hectares and the depth around 200 m. it is the large caldera in east Java. This is one of the factors that interested in Mount Ijen. There are many things that are very unique from Kawah Ijen. One of them is Mount Ijen has a unique phenomenon the blue fire.

Many media social publish Kawah Ijen phenomenon

After that, many social media that publish this phenomenon. Many media tell about the unique things in Mount Ijen. This is one of the reason many visitors come to Banyuwangi to see it directly. It is make Banyuwangi is known by The Blue Fire Mount Ijen.

Private Tour to Kawah Ijen

Offering more privacy and flexibility than shared tour packages, private tours typically allow a group of 5 for each package. However, that does not necessarily mean they cannot arrange private tours for more than 5 people. Private tours for more than 5 people are typically arranged with a large capacity minibus. Each tour is usually arranged with English-speaking drivers, and also professional guides upon request. If you need a professional guide, don’t forget to mention it.

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Typically costs Rp 700,000 for a private tour of up to 5-people, the tour lasts for 8-hours for a regular visit. This tour package includes a car, English-speaking driver, fuel, gas mask, and headlight.

Entrance Ticket to Kawah Ijen

IDR 100.000,-/person (Weekday)
IDR 150.000,-/person (Weekend)

For further information and booking, please feel free to contact us with the quick response directly to our Email isunosing8@gmail.com or WhatsApp +62 852-0599-9977 / +62 813-5551-8188

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