Banjar Hot Springs Bali

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Banjar Hot Springs Bali located in Singaraja, Bali. Natural hot water from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease. The place is very peaceful where plenty of locals come for relaxation as well. One of the pools can be described as a kid’s pool and if you are travelling with your children here.

Banjar Hot Springs Bali

The traditional Balinese temple-like architecture and carvings at Banjar hot springs help create the most attractive of geothermal baths.
The top narrow pool is the shallowest and warmest with a consistent depth of one metre, and here water gushes in from eight of naga heads. The lower pool, water gushes in from five more naga heads. This much larger pool ranges from a depth of 1-2 metre. In the third pool, water streams offering an exhilarating, bruising massage. The water is not clear, but murky-green and slightly sulphurous. Be careful climbing into the pools as the algae to grow on the surfaces, and the stairs into the baths are difficult to see. The minerals and sulphur hot springs will discolour light-coloured clothing yellow and blacken silver jewellery.
A local Restaurant provides basic food and cold drinks and some smaller souvenir shops are waiting for you to bargain with them.

How to get there

Located 10 kilometres from Lovina. Getting here by public transport Singaraja-Seririt road.

Banjar hot springs
10 km southwest of Lovina
Daily 08:00-18:00

For further information and booking, please feel free to contact us with the quick response directly to our Email or WhatsApp +62 852-0599-9977 / +62 813-5551-8188

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